Why Camp Courageous chose us for its wastewater treatment system

Camp Courageous sits next to the Maquoketa River, a haven for trout and smallmouth bass that boasts dazzling autumn leaves along its shores.

To protect this sensitive environment for future generations, the camp chose to replace its aging septic system with proven technologies and expert guidance from Premier Tech.



Located near Monticello, Iowa, Camp Courageous is a non-profit organization that provides year-round respite care and recreational activities for people with special needs.

In 1974, when Camp Courageous first opened its doors to campers, it served 211 people. It now has 25 buildings on 300 acres of land and hosts more than 9,000 campers each year.

The camp’s original septic system could no longer cope with the site’s growing needs. Rather than scale back operations – and turn people away – Camp Courageous looked for a long-term solution to treat its wastewater.

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Surface discharge in a sensitive area.
Wastewater flow fluctuations.
Wastewater strength fluctuations.

solution camp courageous

Rewatec MBBR.
Ecoflo biofilter.
Rewatec UV disinfection.

result camp courageous

BOD5 < 3 mg/L
NH4 < 0.05 mg/L
TSS < 2 mg/L



  • Surface discharge

Discharge into a sensitive environment: the Maquoketa River in Pictured Rocks County Park.

  • Seasonal flow

Flow fluctuations between peak use in the summer and low use in the winter.

  • Wastewater strength

Strength fluctuations due to intermittent food preparation and toilet flushing.


Shive-Hattery was the engineering firm in charge of the project. After studying the best solutions available, its experts chose to design two independent treatment trains with Premier Tech’s proven technologies and support.

“Premier Tech was a pleasure to work with . . . from design through installation, and, most importantly, support after completion. The results speak for themselves.”

James Kurth
Facilities Director, Camp Courageous

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