SBR sewage treatment plants (Solido Smart and SBR - GRP)

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What is a sequencing batch reactor sewage treatment plant?

A sequencing batch reactor (SBR) is the ideal sewage treatment plant for residential or commercial projects striving for high performance, with minimal energy consumption.

Rewatec Solido SMART SBR systems provide treatment of wastewater in optimised batches using tried and tested biological processes that deliver exceptional reliability and efficiency.

If your needs evolve after installation, our systems have the versatility to keep pace. They can be altered to cope with changes in population, and their treatment parameters can be personalised for your individual requirements.


Both Rewatec Solido SMART SBR sewage treatment plants (Solido SMART SBR and Solido SMART SBR XL) combine wastewater treatment and clarification in a single tank, giving you a streamlined design that optimise performance and your operating costs.  


Example applications

  • primary residences
  • seasonal residences
  • residential developments
  • commercial developments

How do our SBR systems work?

Inside our SBR systems, intermittent aeration cycles break down solids and provide oxygen to microorganisms that feed on organic wastewater pollutants.

After aeration, remaining solids – including microorganisms – sink to the bottom of the tank. Some remain inside the tank to treat the next batch of wastewater and are known as activated sludge. Remaining solids are extracted and returned to the primary treatment tank or a sludge storage tank.

During periods of very high flow, the system can shift from a batch-flow strategy to a continuous-flow strategy with intermittent discharge. This versatility eliminates the need to overdesign the system to cope with fluctuating flow rates, and it has no effect on treatment performance.

Receiving system and final discharge

As solids settle on the bottom of the SBR, treated wastewater forms at the surface. A floating decanter with a solids-exclusion feature drains this wastewater so that it can be safely released into the environment.

SBR maintenance

Protect your investment in your SBR tank by having it regularly inspected by Premier Tech. 

The frequency of service depends on the size of your tank, the amount of wastewater your property generates, and the environmental regulations in your area. It is best to speak with us to determine servicing that is right for you.



For over 50 years, we have proudly developed sustainable and long-lasting products that make a real difference for our customers, our professional partners, and, above all, our planet.

Our experience in the industry allows us to give you a complete warranty for our SBR sewage treatment plants. This includes:

  • 10-year shell warranty
  • 3-year Solido SMART technology warranty
Rewatec 10 year warranty


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