Underground water tanks

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Safe storage is easy with Rewatec underground water tanks, our robust and versatile solutions for residential, commercial, municipal, and agricultural property owners who want to conserve precious water supplies without sacrificing usable land.

rewatec underground water storage tanks for commercial and municipal projects
underground water tank water management simple to install
Simple to install

Pre-assembled and ready to use

Easy to manoeuvre on site

Ideal for sites with limited access

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Space-saving design

Almost invisible after installation

Suitable under parking areas

Maximizes use of available land

Septic tanks that are built to last
Built to last

Leak-proof construction

Robust and durable tanks

Ribbed walls for added strength

What is an underground water tank?

An underground water tank is a discreet and reliable way to store water on any property with limited or no access to a dependable water supply.

Rewatec underground water tanks have up to 50,000 L of nominal capacity and offer limitless uses for stored water.

Use them to hold harvested rainwater or to fill public pools. Irrigate land or nourish livestock with them. Rely on them as firewater reservoirs in remote areas.

Whatever your needs, count on our solutions to give you top-quality performance that lasts.

installation of a underground water tank by rewatec

Where are our underground water tanks used?

Rewatec underground water tanks are most often solutions for:

  • homes and seasonal cottages
  • farms with livestock
  • orchards
  • community pools and gardens
  • properties inaccessible to fire engines
  • regions with water bans or frequent drought

Where do we offer underground water tanks?

We proudly offer Rewatec underground water tanks in the following countries:

  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Morocco
  • Portugal

Available models

We make water storage easy with an impressive lineup of long-lasting tanks specially designed for all manner of residential, commercial, municipal, and agricultural projects. 

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