Ensuring a sustainable environment with coconut-husk based treatment

Ecoflo coco filter for sustainable wastewater treatment

For over 25 years, global company Premier Tech Water and Environment has been protecting our properties and our environment with sustainable local solutions. With over 100,000 installations already across the globe, Ecoflo is a proven system for enhancing wastewater effluent quality for a variety of applications. Now, Premier Tech Water and Environment, has brought Ecoflo to the UK market, to further improve the effluent quality for both residential and commercial projects that require off-mains wastewater treatment.

100% natural, organic and renewable, the Ecoflo coconut-husk fragments are produced by cutting up the husk that surrounds the fruit of the coconut. This mechanical process ensures complete control over the size of each fragment and overall porosity, guaranteeing a uniform filtering medium that delivers a consistently high wastewater treatment performance over time.

Sourced and maritime shipped from Sri-Lanka, coconut-husk fragments not only effectively treat wastewater but also minimise CO2 emissions related to transport. With most synthetic and sand-based filtering media being shipped by rail or road, research has shown that the use of maritime transport for coconut-husk reduces CO2 by 12% (rail) and by 540% (road) over a 50 year cycle – further protecting our environment.

Ecoflo works with a non-mechanical tipping bucket that scatters wastewater across perforated distribution plates. Wastewater drips through these plates and falls across a filter made of coconut husk fragments, creating a physical barrier that cleans the effluent to an even higher standard. After percolating through the all-natural filter, water is then safely discharged into the environment.

Ian Wake – National Sales Director at Premier Tech Water and Environment stated:

Ecoflo is a revolutionary wastewater treatment system that requires zero energy to improve the quality of wastewater effluent. Due to the nature of the coconut husk filtering medium, the all-natural product we create is not only renewable, but fully compostable after its years of treating wastewater are over.

Combined with a lightweight, robust and compact design, Ecoflo provides a long lasting, sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly solution for years to come”.

With areas of the UK already beginning to stipulate stricter effluent standards for wastewater outflows, Ecoflo offers an ecologically friendly alternative to replacing an existing septic tank or sewage treatment plant. Ecoflo can also be specified as part of a new treatment system to fully protect and preserve UK watercourses, streams and nearby rivers.

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