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Restore the original performance of your Bionest-type or MBBR system with our exclusive sludge removal service. Patent pending. 

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Why remove sludge from your septic system? 

All septic systems generate and accumulate sludge as a result of wastewater treatment. 

In some cases, the accumulation of sludge can affect your system’s performance. It may reduce the quality of treated wastewater, which poses a risk to human health and the environment. 

Without intervention, the accumulation of sludge can also prematurely wear out your system’s internal components, including its aerator, diaphragms, effluent pump, recirculation pump, and fine bubble diffusers.  

Failures among these components can lead to septic drain field clogging, and the possibility that your dispersal area will need to be replaced after only a few years of use. 

Premier Tech identified the types of septic systems most at risk of excessive sludge accumulation. And, with our more than 25 years of expertise, we developed a solution.

Our sludge removal process is a patent-pending innovation. It has been specially adapted for certain fixed-culture aerobic treatment units (ATUs), including Bionest-type systems that lack a functional sludge extraction device. It is also suitable for slurry-packed biological reactors. 

Sludge clogging the second compartment of a Bionest-type septic system.


The service is simple and effective. Our technician goes on site to determine your sludge removal needs. Our trained service partner then completes the work, and your system’s original performance is restored for approximately five more years. 

Short-term solutions merely transfer sludge from one compartment to another. Our service gives you results that last by removing up to 85% of the sludge accumulated in the reactor. 

What are the steps to remove sludge? 

Sludge separation 

The first step is to separate sludge from your system’s plastic media — not just on the surface, but right down to the bottom of the reactor. 

We use specially designed tools to carry out this process in each of the reactor’s two compartments. This ensures that sludge is separated from the areas around your system’s inlet and outlet. 

Premier Tech technician removing excessive sludge from an ATU septic system.


Sludge removal 

The second step is to remove the separated sludge from your system. 

We insert a hose into the reactor’s first compartment. The hose is connected to a vacuum truck that pumps sludge out of the reactor. 

Thanks to our innovative technique, your system’s plastic media are not disturbed or pulled into the vacuum truck. They stay in the reactor throughout the process, and when the job is done, they are free of accumulated sludge. 

After we have removed excessive sludge from your system, our vacuum truck transports it to an accredited site for treatment or safe disposal. 

Premier Tech technician walking toward a vacuum truck that pumps sludge from septic systems.

The advantages of sludge removal 

Our sludge-removal process is the most effective way to restore the original performance of your septic system. 

On average, the work takes just 30 minutes for fixed-culture ATUs. Exact durations may vary depending on the extent of sludge accumulation in your system. 

Thanks to our expertise and wide network of professional partners, we offer the service at competitive prices. 

Other advantages include: 

  • up to  85% of accumulated sludge removed 
  • improved system aeration and performance 
  • long-term protection of system components 
  • no risk of damage to plastic or bacterial media 
  • no need to remove media from the reactor 
Premier Tech technician with a toolkit to remove excessive sludge from septic systems.


Sludge removal protects your septic drain field and helps you avoid costly repairs. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” 

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