NSF Certification

Ecoflo shows once again its excellent performances and obtains NSF certification

The Ecoflo Biofilter is the first wastewater treatment technology in Quebec and in Canada to obtain with success the standards to become NSF certified.

NSF is an organization mandated in USA with high standards which are so strict that they are practically mandatory to be on the American market.
This achievement realized by Premier Tech comes with another first. In fact, upon Premier Tech's request, stress tests carried on over a period of seven additional weeks have shown the Ecoflo's great stability of performances in different conditions of utilization.

The 35 additional sampling days have proven that the performances of the Ecoflo Biofilter remained stable and excellent in all surcharge conditions tested.

Hydraulic surcharge which regularly happens in residences, are part of normal activities of a family such as birthday parties, and visits with friends and family during holidays.

Holiday and weekends conditions with peak flows reaching up to 2 times the system’s design flow, and this, alternating with periods of rest of 2 or 3 days.

Also, contrary to the standard testing protocol of the NSF certification, the Ecoflo’s performances were measured right after the system was put into service, without the required waiting period observed by the two NSF protocols.

Hence, the results summarized in the following chart show that the Ecoflo Biofilter constitute by far the safest technology of the market which contribute to protect the health and the environment.

To this day, no other technology has demonstrated such performance!

Moreover, the volume of treated water during those 33 NSF testing weeks (382 m2) represents 1.7 times the volume generated by a Quebec family yearly. The organic load applied corresponds to 1.4 times the average loading generated by a family yearly.

To learn more, visit the NSF web site

Ecoflo, a septic system designed for individual dwellings

Are you planning the purchase of a septic system or the replacement of your existing system?

Premier Tech Aqua proposes the Ecoflo Biofilter, a highly reliable system that requires no energy supply to treat residential wastewater.

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